Josephine’s #CBR5 Review #2: The PCOS Diet Book by Colette HArris

Image This is the definitive ‘diet book’ or even bible, (am not religious so maybe manual would be better) for anyone struggling with the myriad symptoms and trials of Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome: PCOS.

PCOS can make life just the wrong side of absolutely no fun and not only do women struggle to get a diagnosis, for the no periods, spots, fatigue, hairloss from the head but too much everywhere else, etc etc but when they finally get one it generally leads to shrugs and lots of drugs from your G.P, oh and that fantastic self-esteem boosting comment “you need to lose weight”. Thing is, and Colette Harris goes into helpful details of the metabolic whys and wherefores, if you have PCOS it is REALLY BLOODY HARD TO LOSE WEIGHT! 

I loved this book, it made me feel that not only is there hope, but confirmed something I had always sort of known, that I am not overweight because Im lazy, or haven’t tried, but because my metabolism works differently to non-pcos women!

Lots of clear practical advice on what to eat, when and how as well as alternative medicines and supplements to take to help. In a word (or two)- Life changing.

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