Josephine’s #CBR5 REVIEW# 1: Dodger by Terry Pratchett

DodgerMy first book for the Cannonball 5 challenge from my favourite author. I am new to wordpress so forgive me if this is a bit rough and ready! I can’t find the hash on my keyboard!

Dodger is a Tosher (someone who searches the sewers for treasure) and a petty thief in Victorian England, his life is going down the drain (excuse the pun) until he answers the call of a damsel in distress one stormy night.

A departure from the Discworld this took a little while to get going but unlike in the last Discworld novel I read, Snuff, I did not feel the shadow of Pratchett’s struggle with Alzhiemers.  This was as sharp as his writing of old and where it initally dragged was in the faux Dickensian prose of the Charles Dickens character. Once I got into the Victorian rhythms and pastiche it was very enjoyable. It is a love story, a crime thriller and a cultural, social political exploration of the period, with as ever in Pratchett, allusions drawn to modern issues. Not too shabby for a children’s book!

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