illynew’s #CBR5 Review #1 Faithful Place by Tana French

Faithful Place

A detective has to go back to the place where he grew up when belongings of his ex-girlfriend who disappeared 20 years ago are found by a construction crew. He also disappeared on the same night and hasn’t kept in touch with his family because his home life was a fucking horror show. He has to deal with them, his ex-wife, his daughter, and everything he’s been trying so hard not to deal with, but with good reason.

All of Tana French’s novels take place in Dublin, but, other than a few non-American English words, the reader would be hard pressed to know that it’s a “foreign” writer or novel. The people and their stories are universal, which is kind of an odd way to describe really intense crime novels.

I read Tana French’s first book, In the Woods, and loved it. All of her stories seem the same and, even if you know the formula and figure out the ending 5 pages in, you still can’t put them down. This book felt the most intense. Maybe it was just the story, but I know about physical abuse in the home and trying to protect siblings and what that does to everyone. I haven’t come across a book that shows it so well.

If you like the Harry Bosch series by Michael Connelly, you will definitely like Tana French’s writing. Fewer clichés and more intensity. The characters are all from the same police force, but the novels stand alone. I’ve liked each one better than the last.


11 thoughts on “illynew’s #CBR5 Review #1 Faithful Place by Tana French

  1. I think that may be because WordPress takes you to a different screen depending on whether you just hit new post when you log in or if you go through a different route first. If you hit new post in the top left, I don’t think it gives you the star options. I know I usually go to “My Blogs” and then click on “new post” or “add post” under the blog I’m trying to add to. When I do it that way, I get a slightly different screen than the other way, and on the right, there is a column with categories and you can click on how many stars you would give it. Hope this helps!
    I also love Tana French! I’m waiting on her newest one to be out in paperback though. Actually, the only one I didn’t love was The Likeness and that was the one that I thought had the most intriguing premise.

  2. Tana French is one of my favorites now and this was, in my opinion, the best of her first three. (I’m waiting for paperback for the new one as well.)

    This book, with its family dynamics and damaged characters, was hard to read, but impossible to put down.

  3. I ADORE this book and emphatically recommend it to anyone who will listen. Her other books are good, but nothing compares to this one.

    Also – after you post, if you hit “edit” it will take you to a more generic screen and the star ratings are on the right hand side

      • I think he may have only returned to Kenzie/Gennaro because fans wanted him to … you’re right, it wasn’t nearly as good as the rest of the series (or his other novels) – my favorite in that series is definitely still the second one. I really enjoyed Live by Night but it wasn’t as deep as The Given Day. Can’t wait to see what he does next.

      • No but I’ve had his books on my list for forever, I just need to get around to reading them. I adore the movie Gone Baby Gone so I’m sure I’ll love the books too

    • ***Spoiler Alert if you haven’t read In the Woods or Faithful Place***

      In the Woods was pretty good, but the ending was disturbing. Then the tidbits in The Likeness about what happened to him and his life really bothered me. The ending of Faithful Place was a little saccharine for me and I don’t need everything tied up in a nice bow, but the self-destructive behavior and actual consequences in In the Woods still bothers me. Too real. We’re all self-destructive a little bit. I’m not even that bad, but it was a really good after-school-special type message for me on to check myself before I wreck myself.

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