Jen K’s #CBRV Review #1: The Passage

I didn’t want to start publishing any reviews until I got to 52 for CBR IV but now that that’s done, I’m ready to go. The first in a vampire trilogy that includes government experiments gone wrong, a post apocalyptic world, and a young girl as a possible savior. I really enjoyed it.

2 thoughts on “Jen K’s #CBRV Review #1: The Passage

  1. This one frustrated me so much because of the awful cliffhangers, and I wasn’t sure at the time if it was part of a series or not. Part of me thinks I should read “The Twelve” just so that I can give “The Passage” a bit more credit and stop thinking of it as a book that didn’t keep any promises, but the other part of me is still mad at it. I read your “Twelve” review and I’m thinking maybe if I do continue, it will be after the third comes out and I’ll pick the two up together.

    I definitely identified with you saying that though you enjoyed the Colony scenes, you also wanted to get back to Amy. Is there a lot of that in “The Twelve” too, or is it more cohesive?

    • Man, I just wrote an extensive reply and the internet ate it. I definitely understand where you are coming from with the cliffhangers – I had this sitting in my to read pile for almost a year because I had heard mostly good things but I really didn’t want to get sucked into another series with no end in sight. Once I saw that The Twelve was out, I figured it might be time to actually read it. As far as the cohesion, I would say yes and no. There is definitely some jumping around but it doesn’t feel as jarring as it did in The Passage. The Twelve starts with a summary of The Passage, followed by a chapter that catches the reader up on where everyone is at now, five years after the end of The Passage, and then basically sees everyone getting different assignments and missions. From there, the novel flashes back to the year of the outbreak, but all but one of the characters whose perspective we then get were at least mentioned in The Passage, including the guy that made the YouTube video for how to kill a viral (and this actually connects to the current heroes in a nice way), Grey, and Lila, Wolgast’s ex-wife. The new character will play a large role in the present day context of the novel. From here, he jumps forward in time and gives background on a character from 92AV era of The Passage. After this, he finally comes back to the “present” day of the novel, and since all the characters are on different missions that naturally lead to the same end point, Cronin goes back and forth between about six different perspectives. However, there aren’t any big two hundred page gaps like in The Passage where you go from the main character to not even hearing about her for what seems like forever. Hope this helps. The flashbacks were probably my favorite part of the novel, to be honest.

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