Malin’s #CBR5 Review #1: The Rook by Daniel O’Malley

This book appeared on a lot of various book bloggers’ Best of 2012 lists (including more than one Cannonballer), and I totally see why. It’s the first book in a long time that I was reluctant to put down and stop reading, even for short periods, and that I stayed awake until stupid o’clock in the morning to finish reading.

A young woman stands in a park in the rain, surrounded by fallen bodies of people wearing latex gloves. She’s beaten and battered, with no memory of who she is. In her jacket pocket, she finds two numbered envelopes. “Dear you, the body you are wearing used to be mine.” starts the first letter.

Read the rest of the review on my blog.

4 thoughts on “Malin’s #CBR5 Review #1: The Rook by Daniel O’Malley

      • It’s lucky that I work from home on Thursdays and Fridays, or I would have been very tired at work today. I liked it a lot, but am still torn about whether I want further books about Chequy to focus on Myfanwy or completely different characters. Old Myfanwy seemed a bit boring and sad to me, and while what happened to her was horrible, she never seemed to have any fun, even though she clearly should have. New Myfanwy was kick-ass. She had amazing super powers, made buckets of money and worked somewhere fascinating. Clearly she was a much better inhabitant of the body.

      • Ooh, that’s a good idea! I was having trouble with the idea of a sequel to this, but if it focuses on another character instead of Myfanwy, that would be really cool. Of course, I would probably like it either way.

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