denesteak’s CBR5 #1: Ghostwritten by David Mitchell


The writing for Ghostwritten is amazing — which is to be expected for David Mitchell. The plot is interesting, and I was invested enough to keep checking through the previous chapters for connections/links. Characters were developed and sympathetic, even the ones who were crazy or supposed to be villains.

All that said, I did not like Ghostwritten as much as I thought I should have. I think part of the reason is because this is the fourth Mitchell book that I’ve read, and so many of his other novels are so absurdly ambitious that it’s hard to not feel like I’m getting short-changed by the time I got to Ghostwritten. This was his first published book — his first! And it’s so good and so well-done, but perhaps because it is his first, he might have dialed down a little on how far he could soar. If you take Mitchell’s ouevre, it’s plain to see how Ghostwritten is just a stepping stone to Cloud Atlas, to the Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet.

Check out my blog for the rest of the review! Happy 1st CBR5 to me and Happy New Year to all!

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