CharlottEllamae CBR5 review 1 The Last Testament: A Memoir By God (with David Javerbaum)

image I wanted to start my first Cannonball Read with something exciting. Something memorable. Something Controversial. Clearly there were no other options other than to go with the man himself, God.

Now, people love to remind everyone that God did not sit down and write the Bible. However, God DID write this one (with just a little help from David Javerbaum). This memoir is everything it promises to be and more.

The book is dedicated “to anyone who’s ever been told ‘Thou Shalt Not…’ and obeyed.”

God and his editor who have been together forever (meaning 25 years as God started out unrepresented) have decided it is time for God to dish on everything. Being that God is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent, everything means EVERYTHING. Genesis, The Koran, Celebrities, great mysteries of the Earth. None of these things are off-limits to The Lord. The Almighty talks love, the 10 commandments and any other thing that may strike his fancy.

I have found throughout my reading career (1994-present) that it is extremely difficult to write a FUNNY novel. Google “funny books” and you’re likely to come up with 1 million hits for knock knock joke books. I have only stumbled across a few authors who manage to do it properly (shout-out to Christopher Moore) but David Javerbuam has certainly proved to be one of them. David Javerbaum is the former head writer and executive producer of “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart. Never has an author so eloquently and hilariously managed to infuriate 3 different religions with just one book.
If you’re very religious, too liberal, too conservative, or just easily infuriated, I would not recommend this book to you. However, if you understand and appreciate satire or you want to know what REALLY happened to Adam and Steve then this book is for you.
And let us not forget Againesis 19:4

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